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GET testimonials using the API

You can fetch/GET testimonials from your Shapo workspace using our API.

First grab your API key from the Workspace settings page:

This API is rate limited to 60 calls per hour, reach out to us if you need more than that

Here's how you would structure a request:

Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>

Query parameters (all parameters are optional):
size - number of testimonials to return per call (min: 1, max: 50)
page - combined with the size param, you can paginate (min: 1)
rating - minimum rating of testimonials to retrieve (min: 1, max: 5)
sources - array of testimonial sources, e.g. sources[]=judgeme&sources[]=google
tags - array of tag names associated with testimonials, e.g. tags[]=tag name1&tags[]=tag2

The response is an array of testimonials:
    "_id": "12345",
    "date": "2024-03-18T11:53:01.000Z",
    "rating": 5,
    "source": "google",
    "name": "John Wayne",
    "title": "Co-founder",
    "company": "ACME",
    "link": "",
    "profileImage": "",
    "message": "probably the best product in the world",

Updated on: 21/03/2024